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Guys, guys. HI!

(I just spent a couple of hours this afternoon re-reading RK fic. Oh, oh, the memories.)
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Tin, not only are they making a live action RK film, they're also making a two-part OAV about Kyoto arc told through Misao's POV!
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Hello, we've missed you! I hope you've been well. <33333

(- Kara, if you recall me at all XD)
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crap, I was beginning to think you had been captured by beings from an alternate dimension and stolen away to be their queen!
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Holy shit, you're alive XD

PS. Did you know they're making a live action RK movie.
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IF YOU'RE GAME, I'M GAME. (The wig, Tin, if they don't put him in a red wig, I WILL BE SO DISAPPOINTED)
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Tiiiiiiiin! Long time no see! We missed you!
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*waves* Hi? (as in, you may wonder who I am/what I am doing in your subscribe list)
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Oh my god you're alive!!
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Tin-san! :D Hi, nice to see you back! (RK! Oh, the memories, too.)
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