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I have yet to watch this one, but I will agree that Kame's most effective acting is when he's not being a dork. I wasn't very convinced of his portrayal of a boxer struggling with his love for food and staying in his weight class in One Pound Gospel.

Nobuta...well, so-so feelings since I rather liked his character there but I liked it better when he wasn't sharing the screen with Yamapi's character/Yamapi. XD;;

Rather caught up in Smile, though, and have downloaded the RAWs just to try and make heads or tails myself of what's going on because subs are coming out too slowly. Ratings for this one are much like a yo-yo and I think it's got something to do with the theme of racial discrimination.

But I digress. xD

On the topic of wine, I'm afraid my taste for red wine has yet to materialize. It's funny how I prefer the cheaper beer over something that's always been associated with elegance and a lot of the characters I want to write about love that elegance. I will have to learn more about it from my grandfather, since he's the wine expert and always insists on keeping a good stock.

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