Obiter Dicta: Finally Fall Edition

Sep. 25th, 2017 08:45 pm
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Just posting a bit tonight. I've been ill again: people hangover from Queen's Prize, pinched nerve in neck acting up, and then after more than a year, my uterus decides to bleed again. In copious amounts. Seriously, WTF? I thought I was done with all that for good.

It's probably stress. Health things, house things, all taking up a lot of my time and money. It's not as bad as living in one of the hurricane or fire areas, but still--my fucking house is breaking in half! There's no good way to spin that!

Garage repair is next week. Going to have to watch them like a hawk because it doesn't look like their salesman communicated well with the main office. Bob is supposed to get the garage stuff moved out of the way this week. I'll be parking outdoors for awhile.

Will write more about Queen's Prize when I'm feeling better.

Autumn is finally here, thank goodness. Weather is supposed to turn cooler this week. Stupid oak mites are back, but at least the summer is closing out.
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Pairing: Bobby Drake | Iceman / Cameron Hodge
Fandom: Marvel 616
Spoilers: None, aside that Bobby being gay is now canon? I am super not caught up on X-Men comics

I ship Iceman and Cameron Hodge. I am the cancer killing fandom. )
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Light years after everyone else, I installed Spotify on my netbook and phone. The netbook version is easier to browse songs with c/f the Android one. My main purpose is to keep up with popular Western artists that are less talked about than e.g Taylor Swift or One Direction (whose members seem to have gone solo). But since Spotify also has Jpop and Kpop, watch me fall down the same holes, when not bingeing on Ariana Grande and Zedd.

The president inaugurated Indonesia's national library building [news], all 24 floors and three basements of it. I... can't wait to see everything it has to offer.

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